Jesus said

“I am the light of the world”

In Memory of Herm

Note: Below is a personal letter from one of SonShine’s board members.

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of our dear friend and brother in Christ, Herm Haakenson.  In early April, Herm, founder and president of the SonShine Society developed a severe headache.  It was discovered that Herm had a tumor on his brain, and later tests showed he had several malignant tumors throughout his body.  Herm’s choice was to receive minimal radiation and medication to relieve the swelling and pain, but no chemo treatments.  In his last two months, Herm did lots of witnessing in the hospital and during doctor visits.  All of us were encouraged by his peace and hope for his future.  He often said, “If it’s the Lord’s will to take me, I am ready.”  Adding, “We must believe what we proclaim.”

  Herm passed into eternity, Monday, June 3rd 2002, in his home with his family at his side.  He was very strong in mind and spirit up until his last few days.  He set many things in order so that the work of SonShine could continue on.  Just five days before his departure, he mustered all his energy to go to the SonShine office for a radio interview.  His last public words were to call Christians to remember the millions of people that will spend their last days in America’s care centers.  And of course, offering SonShine’s free power packet to help them get started.

  Herm spent the last thirty of his seventy-nine years dedicated to help the lonely and hopeless residents of care centers to put their hope in the Lord Jesus.  He has set an example that is admirable and worthy of following.

  Pressing onward and upward for our King,

  Chaplain Bill Goodrich
  SonShine Society Board Member