Jesus said

“I am the light of the world”

A Bit About SonShine Society


Almost unnoticed in the flood of Christian ministries today is a small company of men and women quietly involved in the Nursing Homes and Care Centers of our land as ambassadors for our Lord Jesus Christ and witnesses of His love and saving grace. It is projected that unless God intervenes over 50 million of the people now living in the U.S. will spend their last days in a care facility of some kind. Faced with these staggering numbers, the Christian church is becoming increasingly aware of both the opportunity and obligation of Nursing Home/Care Center Ministry. If we are to dream of an outreach to the “four corners of the earth” we must not and cannot neglect our very own at our very door in their hour of greatest need.

Serving as a hub and a voice for many of the Christians now involved in this ministry is The SonShine Society of Lynnwood, Washington. The purpose of the society is to alert the Christian church to the needs and opportunities for Christian service in these facilities and to assist with motivation, training helps and materials.

Since its inception in 1973, the society has made a significant contribution to the lives of untold thousands of Residents. All materials offered by the society and found on this website are prepared both in structure and content for the Nursing Home Resident.

Serving as the “tie-that-binds” the loose-knit Society together is the “Bits of SonShine” newsletter, an attractive labor-of-love publication, published quarterly each year, specifically for those with an interest in and a burden for Christian Nursing Home Ministry. It contains items and stories to inform and inspire and a “mailbox” page featuring anecdotes, ideas, poems, etc, from readers and fellow-workers. Subscriptions to “Bits” are free.

The SonShine Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is governed (under God) by a board of directors and a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. All board members and officers serve without pay. The only paid help in the Society is secretarial and printshop; all other work is volunteer. We do solicit and encourage the support of those who believe that the Nursing Home Ministry is an important outreach and that the SonShine Society is a worthy instrument of service.

Many men and women—past, present and undoubtedly in the future­–have, do and will minister in Nursing Homes/Care Centers, and do it effectively without being under the “SonShine” banner. But, the Society has given direction, voice, continuity and effectiveness in this “harvest field.”

Is Nursing Home Ministry effective… fruitful… life-changing? The answer from thousands would be an emphatic, “YES!” Most Nursing Home/Care Center Residents have had to reduce life’s material possessions to what fits into three dresser drawers. Sometimes this happens in just a matter of days. They now know what “temporal” means and are ready to listen to things “eternal.”

There is a harvest field in the Nursing Homes/Care Centers of our land, and … it is WHITE! (As understood in Scripture. See John 4:35)

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A free “Power Packet” is available upon request from the SonShine Society. This packet contains our training guide “All The Days of My Life” plus printed samples and descriptions of all our 40+ resource materials, background and information on the society and some back copies of the newsletter, described below, for the new or veteran Nursing Home Ministry Volunteer (aka Care Center Missionary).

Bits of SonShine

The newsletter is the official publication of The SonShine Society and published in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It is an attractive full-color newsletter mailed at the beginning of each calendar quarter and produced specifically for those with an interest and burden for Christian Nursing Home/Care Center Ministry. It contains items and stories to inform and inspire, and a From Our Mailbox page featuring anecdotes, ideas, praise, and encouragements, from readers and fellow workers who find Nursing Home Ministry a blessing.

Printed in the U.S.A. by ReJoyce Press, Everett, Washington.
Subscriptions are FREE, upon individual request.

To receive Bits of SonShine. Please send your name and address to

SonShine Society
P.O. Box 327
Lynnwood, Washington

Please print your name and address clearly and include your complete 9 digit zip code for the US. 6 digit Postal Code for Canada.
Call (425) 353-4732 [7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Pacific Time]
You can receive the newsletter electronically instead of by post, as you wish. The newsletter is a PDF (.pdf) attachment to an email (Adobe® Reader™ required, and is free). Send your name and email address to the above Post Office Box address (or phone us) and you will receive the newsletter by email with the next quarter’s publication. You can subscirbe right here on this website at the bottom of the HOME page or on the CUSTOMER SERVICE page.