Jesus said

“I am the light of the world”

Two Necessary Ingredients


 Each of our lives are made of many ingredients. Some ingredients are necessary—others are voluntary and are acquired along the way. All of us need food and most of us need shelter to exist. Without these, there would be no life but these are not, or should not, be what gives meaning to life.

     Are you still reading! Are you wondering what in the world does this have to do with Nursing Home Ministry?

     W-E-L-L, I believe that although it takes two ingredients (food and shelter) to sustain life, it takes two other ingredients to give meaning to life and these two ingredients manifest themselves more clearly as we grow older. Here are the two ingredients:

  1. A hope beyond this life
  2. A purpose in life here. 

     I believe that anyone, anywhere, anytime and any age, who has these two ingredients (together with basic food and shelter) can live a meaningful and fulfilled life whenever and whatever else. Period.

     The longer we live, the more important Purpose and Hope become. This is very evident in a Nursing Home.

     Those of us ministering in Nursing Homes need to make known to our friends that the Gospel is the answer to these two ingredients.

     Faith in Christ offers forgiveness of sins and eternal life. (The hope beyond.)

     This same faith calls for us to take up our cross and follow Him. (Purpose here.)

     Serving Jesus doesn’t take physical strength, earthly treasures or earthly beauty. It just takes a love for our Savior and a heart to serve Him- even in a Nursing Home.

     One way of serving is in prayers. Would you ask your Christian friends (resident) in Nursing Homes to pray for the Sonshine Society? That we might be an instrument that God can use. We believe that prayers of His children, even in a care center, are heard and answered by our Heavenly Father.

Herm Haakenson

“Bits of Sonshine”
Dec/Jan 2000