Jesus said

“I am the light of the world”

A Banana for Clare


     Clare sat in a wheelchair with head hanging forward and my initial reaction was; she appears to be completely unresponsive. How wrong I was!! The several years we knew Clare were to reveal how this shy lady had once been a ballroom dancer doing graceful turns in beautiful gowns. She had worked for the Boeing Airplane Company and had led an interesting life. A stroke had stripped Clare of the physical grace and beauty she had once possessed but we were a witness to a spiritual growth and inner beauty that does not dim with time.

     Clare had a weakness: she LOVED bananas-REALLY loved them, ripe ones! Each week at the market, Trish would search for the golden bananas that had just begun to spot. How Clare (and several other Residents) loved them. Clare was too sensitive and shy to ask, “Did you bring a banana today?” But her eyes would light up when, upon returning her to her room. Trish would produce the ‘just right’ banana.

     Clare’s treasures were no longer of this world and with no indication of any physical change we arrived one morning to find that she was absent from the body and present with the Lord. We miss her.

     We were able to enrich Clare’s life for the several years that we knew her, as she did ours. It would have been easy to pass her by at first sight but Trish took a little time to dig deeper and discover the vein of gold beneath the rough surface. Our Lord took the time to dig deeper with a blind man, lepers, a little man in a tree, some fishermen and many others.

     We do miss Clare as we gather on Sunday morning but in my mind’s eye I can picture her in a beautiful gown, doing a graceful curtsy before the Throne… one hand raised in praise… the other behind her back with a banana in it!

Herm Haakenson

“Bits of Sonshine”
June/July 1988
Feb/Mar 2003