Jesus said

“I am the light of the world”

The Apple


It was lying on the ground with scores of its siblings who looked as nondescript and undesirable as it — THE APPLE. It bore little resemblance to the perfectly shaped, vividly colored apples that adorned the produce department at the grocery store. From curiosity, I picked it up. In spite of its sickly appearance, it was firm to the touch. I eyed it some more and rubbed it to remove some small particles of earth and vegetation clinging to it. “Grandpa! You’re not going to eat that! Are you?” Having been raised on a farm where soil and vegetation were considered good things, I nodded my head, “Yes Charlie, I’m going to eat it!” “But Grandpa, it had dirt on it!” “Yes Charlie, but the apple itself was made from the earth.”

I opened my mouth and took a bite of THE APPLE. I was prepared for about everything, except what I experienced. THE APPLE was sweet, juicy and flavorful beyond any I had tasted in recent years. I quickly gathered a sack of THE APPLE’S counterparts and am eating one (make that “two”) as I write this.

    THE APPLE caused me to do some reflecting. Over the years I have seen many Christians that are sort of like THE APPLE. Because they are not possessed of outward beauty, they are often overlooked as potential servants of Christ and, yet, I have personally witnessed an area where they could serve.

    The Nursing Homes of our land offer an opportunity to be a servant of Christ even if you don’t look like a world-beater or possess superstar talents. A prophetic portion from Isaiah says, “He has no form or comeliness, and when we see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.” Our Lord himself wasn’t endowed with a beautiful appearance. Not only do some unlikely looking “apples” make great servants of Christ in a Nursing Home, but among the Residents themselves are many like THE APPLE. They don’t look comely or beautiful but– like THE APPLE–if you brush away some of the rough outer covering, you can often discover that you, too, have found

Herm Haakenson

“Bits of Sonshine” Oct/Nov 2003
“Bits of Sonshine” Aug/Sept 2001