Jesus said

“I am the light of the world”

A Family Affair


     Where can Mom, Dad and the kids minister as a family? At a jail? Not likely. Or street meetings? Not on the streets of today!

     There are perhaps a few places where families can minister as a family but surely none offers a better opportunity than a Nursing Home. This can be done as a ministry team with all family members taking part in a public ministry in a Care Center or it can be visiting individual residents in their room.

     Nursing Home Residents love to see children. Little ones have a transforming effect at a Nursing Home. Eyes sparkle, hands reach out, frowns turn to smiles and lethargic countenances come alive at the sight and sounds of a child.

     Many times children can do something that we as adults are unable to do.

     They can often soften hearts and prepare those hearts to hear the message of One Who came as a Babe in a Manger.

     To minister as a family is wonderful for the folks at a Care Center and, yes, also for the family. It is good for the children to see Mom and Dad putting their faith into action and who can doubt that such a ministry is pleasing to the Lord.

     A family ministry can help bind a family together in a day when families are perilously fragmented. As opportunity affords itself, let’s encourage those within our circle to minister as a family. Where? Where else!

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     The Sonshine training guide “All the Days of My Life” contains basic guidelines for childrens participation in Nursing Home Ministry. It is listed on our order form.

Herm Haakenson

“Bits of Sonshine” 
Oct/Nov 2001