HEAVENLY SonShine Sing-Along CD 3


CD #3
Hymns #38 thru #60B

The entire song is played through once before the voices begin the singing.  This is to give time for participants to find the page.  Often in Care Centers, this requires special help — thus, the longer introduction.

The songs were recorded and reproduced in professional studios.  The musicians are amateurs accustomed to Nursing Home Ministry.  None of the funds go to the musicians.  They did it for the joy of serving Him, the Nursing Home Residents and YOU!


Match word-for-word and verse-for-verse the hymns found in the HEAVENLY SonShine Songs & Scriptures hymnal.  They are not meant to replace live music but are for use when and where live music is not available.  They are prepared primarily for use in Nursing Home/Care Center facilities and are played a bit slower; and the music range (key) is a bit lower than conventional church music. These CD’s are recorded with both instruments and voices.


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